About us

Amanda started a traditional bed and breakfast in Wells back in 2001, enabling her to meet people of many different cultures and backgrounds, which continues to be a great pleasure.

Amanda has always been interested in design, interiors and craftwork. She reclaims and paints furniture and makes, among other things, linen lamp shades, opening a vintage, antique and unique gift shop in Wells, La Belle Brocante, in 2013; located just 50 metres from Florence Cottage. The shop is now run by Daniela, Amanda's daughter and the pair have very much enjoyed finding and restoring exactly the right beautiful pieces for each bed and breakfast accommodation.

Florence Cottage was bought in 2014, with renovation commencing, which has been a labour of love and full of pleasant surprises. Unearthing the original flagstone floor and magnificent medieval fireplace were two standout moments! However, the pièce de résistance was the uncovering of the medieval wall painting in the first-floor bedroom, which was subsequently restored over a 12-month period.

Amanda's other main passion, when she isn’t welcoming guests to her beautiful bed and breakfast, and self-catering, accommodation, is taking to foreign lands herself to experience and enjoy other cultures. Over 2017 and 2018, Amanda, with partner Tony, spent many months travelling around Europe in their campervan.